Edigre Carreño

Venezuelan Wins “Qué hay en la Cocina” Contest in Chile

The cooking contest “Qué Hay en la Cocina” victory went to Edigre Carreño, a native of the paradise island of Margarita. The talented chef managed to conquer the palate and the hearts of the judges in the first edition of this culinary contest, thus securing the coveted first place. Undoubtedly, the skill and creativity demonstrated by Carreño in the competition make her a promising figure in the gastronomic world.

Edigre Carreño: A Rising Star in the Gastronomic World After Winning “Qué Hay en la Cocina” Cooking Contest

The innovative culinary proposal of Edigre Carreño stood out for the perfect combination of two gastronomic cultures, Chilean and Venezuelan. In her main dish, the talented chef made pork the protagonist, surprising the judges with an impeccable presentation and exquisite flavor.

The cooking contest “Qué Hay en la Cocina” imposed a challenge that tested the culinary skills of Edigre Carreño and the rest of the participants. The challenge consisted of cooking a dish using only the ingredients provided by the program within a time limit of 60 minutes. Despite the tight time limit, Carreño managed to demonstrate her creativity and skill in the kitchen, offering an outstanding result that led her to win this demanding culinary contest.

Venezuelan talent continues to conquer the world, and a clear example of this is Edigre Carreño, a prominent lawyer and former beauty queen who has just won the third episode of the first edition of the cooking contest “Qué Hay en la Cocina”.

In a special broadcast of the television program, transmitted through the Wapp channel and in collaboration with Líder, the leading supermarket chain in Chile, Edigre Carreño, the talented chef from Margarita, shared her passion for the culinary world. During the interview, Carreño stressed the importance of using fresh and quality ingredients in her dishes and emphasized the importance of creativity and innovation in the kitchen.

Get to know the story of the Venezuelan winner of “Qué Hay en la Cocina”.

Edigre Carreño, since her arrival in Chile in 2018, decided to take advantage of her new location as an opportunity to expand her culinary horizons. In 2019, this talented Venezuelan chef was selected to compete in the prestigious international competition MasterChef Chile, becoming the only Venezuelan participant in the competition. During her participation, Carreño demonstrated her love and perseverance in the kitchen, managing to captivate the demanding judges with her technique and creativity.

After living in Chile for five years, Edigre Carreño shared on her Instagram account @edigre_oficial an emotional message of pride and motivation for her followers. The talented Venezuelan chef expressed her happiness at having represented Venezuela in the competition, and highlighted the value of perseverance and perseverance to achieve goals and fight for dreams, even far from home.

Chilean TV program “Qué Hay en la Cocina”

“Qué Hay en la Cocina” was hosted by the talented Begoña Basauri, renowned actress and winner of the most recent edition of Máster Chef Celebrity 2022. With her extensive experience in the culinary world, Basauri proved to be a dynamic and charismatic host, guiding contestants and viewers through each of the challenges and presentations of the program.