Venezuelan Tequeños

Venezuelan Tequeños Take Argentina by Storm

Argentina’s largest Venezuelan tequeño brand, Tequepops, has joined the Argentinean movie theater chain Cinemark to now offer its products in this company so that people can enjoy this succulent Creole dish.

Venezuelan Tequeños invade Argentine movie theaters with their flavor

A historical and unprecedented fact, since in no other country outside Venezuela do cinemas sell tequeños, another achievement of the good work of Venezuelan migration around the world.

“Wow! super excited about that but the idea is to continue and go further,— said Nelary Vergel, general manager.

For now, the traditional tequeños and vegan ones will be available and will be issued at the Dot Shopping, Abasto Shopping, Avellaneda and Unicenter locations.

Tequeños for All: The inspiring story of Nelary Vergel, Venezuelan entrepreneur

“We always dreamed of this, I remember when Nestor used to say we would be at the cinema and the day came. This reminds us of when we used to go to movie theaters in Venezuela and eat tequeños”.

“As an entrepreneur, but more so as a Venezuelan, it gives me joy and pleasure that there could be something of ours in the Argentinean cinemas”, said Briceño, in the middle of the statements. He also led the toast for the beginning of this great road ahead.

“We loved the idea of Tequepops and they brought us the finished product that met all the requirements”, explained Matías Frederich, director of Food and Beverages at Cinemark, who said that in the company there are several Venezuelan workers who always told him “tequeños must be in the cinema” and finally that day arrived.

To achieve this goal, there were several internal tests until the incursion of the Venezuelan brand in the movie theaters of Buenos Aires was approved and it is expected that they will soon reach the whole country.