Sitoonce Captivates Ibiza Audience

Sitoonce Captivates Ibiza Audience

The talented Venezuelan singer Sitoonce made his grand debut on Spanish soil with an impressive show on the world famous island of Ibiza. He captivated the audience with his first performance on Spanish soil in front of a massive audience of thousands of spectators.

Sitoonce Captivates Ibiza Audience with His Spectacular Debut Performance

The event was a true success leaving a lasting impression on the local music community and showcasing the talent of this up-and-coming artist to a global audience.

Urban music artist had the opportunity to be one of the special guests at one of the most important music festivals on the island, known as “BRUTAL”. This renowned event brings together the most outstanding urban artists of the moment, which makes it an exceptional showcase to showcase their talent.

This participation of this artist in the festival was a great achievement in his career, as it allowed him to share the stage with some of the most influential musicians in the industry and consolidate his position in the competitive world of urban music.

Show took place in one of the most emblematic and internationally renowned nightclubs, known as “Amnesia”. For approximately thirty minutes the talented Venezuelan offered an incredible performance, demonstrating his ability and passion for urban music.

His energy and charisma captivated the European audience allowing him to connect in a meaningful way with his audience and transmit his love for music.

In an impressive setting, Sitoonce delivered an impeccable performance alongside a group of dancers who never stopped moving to the rhythm of his most outstanding hits, including “No me Acuerdo”, “En mi zona”, “Disimula” and “Cóctel”, the latter in collaboration with fellow Venezuelan artist Gustavo Elis.

Trukitos: New single from Sitoonce reaches international audience

The energy and skill of the lead artist and his dance team created an electrifying atmosphere in the audience, who enthusiastically chanted each song.

The singer and songwriter are forging an impressive trajectory in the music industry, taking the name of his native Venezuela to new heights and expanding his independent artistic career internationally.

His dedication and talent have caught the attention of specialized critics and the general public, consolidating his position as one of the most prominent artists in urban music today.

The outstanding reggaetonero has also managed to stand out in other countries, such as Chile, where in 2019 his song “Disimula” went viral and was positioned at number 37 on the most popular playlists in the country, with more than half a million streams on the Spotify platform.

This success in Chilean lands demonstrated the international reach of his music and the great impact it has on different audiences around the world.

Recently, Sitoonce surprised his followers by announcing through his social networks that this 2023 would come with several releases, among them “Trukitos”, a promotional track of his own authorship that had the musical production of the renowned Venezuelan producer “Dile Sly Q'” and the Spanish “Bubba J”, nominated for the Latin Grammy Awards in the 2021 edition as “Best Recording Engineer” for his work on the studio album of Spanish artist C. Tangana.

The long-awaited album from Sitoonce: MUCHO AUTOTUNE is coming soon!

This announcement has created great anticipation among fans of Sitoonce who eagerly await to hear the new work and get to know where he stands musically. With this upcoming release the Venezuelan singer/songwriter once again demonstrates his commitment and passion for music, consolidating his position as one of the most prominent artists in urban music today.

A spectacular music video now available on Sitoonce’s YouTube channel, accompanies the long awaited release of “TRUKITOS”. Shot in the vibrant city of Madrid, Spain, and directed and produced by Carlos Sanz, the video features a striking and energetic aesthetic that showcases the artist’s unique style and passion for urban music.

Beyond TRUKITOS, the Venezuelan artist has exciting plans for the future including releasing his first studio album titled MUCHO AUTOTUNE. The album promises to showcase his talent and versatility in urban music and will consist of twelve tracks. The singer has promised his fans a flawless and energetic work and has been working hard on the album. The exact release date has not been announced yet. It is expected to be released in the coming months.

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