Venezuelan Humanitarian Aid Mission

Venezuelan Rescue Team Arrives in Syria to Assist Quake Victims

On Thursday a group of Venezuelan rescuers touched down in Syria to aid in search and rescue efforts following a pair of devastating earthquakes on Monday. The quakes with magnitudes of 7.8 and 7.5, have left thousands dead and injured in both Syria and Turkey. The Venezuelan team is ready to provide assistance in the northern region of the country.

Venezuelan Humanitarian Aid Mission Brings Relief to Syrian Earthquake Victims

Venezuelan Ambassador to Syria, José Gregorio Biomorgi, welcomed a Venezuelan delegation from the Simon Bolivar Task Force to Syria with humanitarian aid. The Venezuelan Foreign Ministry announced the arrival of the delegation in a post on Twitter.

A Venezuelan rescue team has arrived in Ecuador to assist in the search for survivors of last week’s devastating earthquake. Luis Díaz Curvelo, head of the Venezuelan Humanitarian Aid Mission, told Telesur that the 25-strong team is accompanied by 12 tons of humanitarian aid, medicines, food and drinking water.

The aid workers include seismic technicians, rescue and first aid specialists, firefighters, members of the Civil Protection with experience in humanitarian missions, and dogs trained to search for both living and dead people under the rubble.

Venezuelan Solidarity with Syria in Time of Devastating Earthquake

The Venezuelan ambassador to Syria expressed solidarity with the Syrian people following a devastating earthquake in the region offering assistance to those affected.

“We are here to help the Syrian people cope with the repercussions of the quake and to let them know that we stand with them in the face of all the circumstances they are facing, despite the sanctions imposed on our two countries,” the ambassador told the Syrian news agency SANA.

Biomorgi proudly welcomed the arrival of the rescuers emphasizing that Venezuela will not be influenced by any outside forces and will continue to offer whatever assistance they can to Syria.

He relayed that the Syrian ministers had expressed their immense relief at the rescuers’ presence. “They have been under heavy pressure, and your coming is a great relief to them,” he noted.

Venezuela’s Unwavering Solidarity with Syria: A Bond of Friendship During Times of Hardship

Moeen Nasr, a Syrian People’s Assembly member and leader of the Syria-Venezuela Parliamentary Friendship Commission has praised Venezuela for its unwavering support of Syria during times of hardship. Nasr applauded the special relationship between the two nations, noting that the people of both countries have forged a bond of solidarity.

More than 1,260 people have been killed and more than 2,200 wounded in Syria, according to statistics from the Ministry of Health reported by the SANA news agency. Minister of Health Hassan al Ghobash stated that medical teams have worked around the clock for over 55 hours to rescue victims and transport the wounded to hospitals for prompt treatment.