Venezuelan Migrants Choose Canada as New Destination

Recently Canada has emerged as a new destination for Venezuelan migrants as they face increasing difficulties in the United States. In response local governments in cities like New York have taken action by sponsoring and organizing trips to the Canadian border.

Venezuelan Migrants Choose Canada as New Destination Amid Growing Difficulties in US

Migrants who take advantage of these sponsored trips from the United States will undergo the necessary paperwork processing at the Port Authority bus station located in the heart of New York City. Upon completion they will receive a ticket for their journey.

Many Venezuelan migrants who have chosen to make Canada their new home agree that the immigration process in the United States is slow and cumbersome, making it difficult for them to secure a work permit or access social security benefits.

Alfredo’s Journey: From Venezuela to Canada Through New York’s Sponsored Trip

Alfredo, a Venezuelan migrant who took advantage of the offer from New York expressed his hope that the regularization process in Canada will be more efficient and straightforward.

“I have always been aware of Canada’s reputation for being welcoming,” Alfredo stated. “The process is simple. You surrender to the authorities, they provide you with temporary accommodations in a hotel and within two months, you receive a work permit without any fees.”

Canadian Immigration Plan Aims to Fill Shortage of Skilled Workers with 500,000 New Arrivals

For a while now Canada has been grappling with a shortage of workers in essential trades, which is why last year it launched an immigration plan aimed at admitting up to 500,000 individuals annually as announced by Sean Fraser, the Minister of Immigration.

This initiative places a strong emphasis on attracting permanent residents who possess the required job skills and experience while also setting modest targets for family members and refugees.

Canadian welcoming reputation attracts Venezuelan migrants seeking a better future

The program projects a significant influx of new arrivals with 465,000 individuals from foreign countries expected to arrive in 2023 and a target of 500,000 by 2025.

The majority of these new arrivals are expected to be economic migrants who will aim to fill the approximately 1 million job vacancies across various sectors of the Canadian economy.