Journey Venezuelan Cristian Noguera Representing Venezuela at CNN en Español

Venezuelan Immigrant Achieves Career Goals with CNN en Español

Cristian Noguera is a young Venezuelan similar to many others, who emigrated to Argentina in 2015 with a suitcase full of dreams in search of opportunities. Since the age of 18 he has worked in audiovisual post-production for production companies, advertising agencies and television channels.

Journey Venezuelan Cristian Noguera Representing Venezuela at CNN en Español

Today he proudly represents Venezuela in the halls of CNN en Español one of the most prestigious media worldwide.

Cristian starts his journey at CNN en Español

In 2015 Cristian decided to embark on a new life and traveled to Argentina with uncertainty like many others. Argentina was attractive to him because of importance in the audiovisual industry in the region.

However, never imagined that this “attractive destination” would be the beginning of an important stage in his career joining CNN en Español, which he describes as “quite an interesting anecdote”.

Since the age of 18 Cristian has been working in media, allowing him to develop in various areas of audiovisual production and advertising, especially in digital marketing. But, being a foreigner and having no local experience, was a bit difficult at first.

A friend introduced him to Argentine media and that’s how he started to connect little by little. His first professional experience in the country was at La Nación, the second most important newspaper in Argentina until a person he worked with recommended him to post with CNN en Español’s bureau manager, Esteban Campanela, in 2017.

Cristian was fortunate to receive the opportunity from Campanela and has belonged to the most relevant news network in the world for 5 years. He highlighted that everything at CNN en Español is very rigorous and the way news is worked is impeccable.

Awarded in the media industry

Cristian has dedicated his career to the media and has been fortunate to work with the best companies in the industry, including Warner Bros, Discovery and CNN en Español.

Despite not being a journalist by profession, his experience in the field has led him to work with great professionals and to be recognized with valuable awards.

As post-producer and editor of “Perspectivas desde Buenos Aires”, “Redacción Buenos Aires” and “En Diálogo con Longobardi” he won 4 Produ awards and has been nominated twice for Emmy Awards.

In addition, also as editor of the first season of “CONECTA2”, won the most important journalistic award in Argentina, “El Martín Fierro”. These distinctions motivate him to continue doing a better job every day.

Example of perseverance and passion in achieving professional goals.

Cristian Noguera’s story is a perfect example of how dedication and commitment to one’s craft can lead to the realization of goals. It’s an honor to be a part of the chain that brought him here – to have incredible experiences with so much talent. Working on projects like this always makes me feel good about my profession.

Noguera plans to stay in his current position “forever” because he is passionate about it. He also plans to continue his education and hopes to be able to do what he loves for many years to come.

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