Firefighter Colonel Miguel Ford

Firefighter with Disabilities Wins Life Time Tropical 5k Miami

Firefighter Colonel Miguel Ford, assigned to the Plaza Venezuela Fire Station of the Capital District Fire Department, in Caracas, where he works as Second Commander of the Administrative Area in the Rescue and Special Operations Division, obtained the gold medal by winning first place in the Life Time Tropical 5k Miami, held last Sunday, January 22, in the state of Florida, United States, carrying the Venezuelan flag for people with disabilities and the heroes in blue.

Venezuelan Firefighter with Disabilities Triumphs at Life Time Tropical 5k Miami

Miguel Ford, the young athlete from Turmero, Aragua State, wanted to be a firefighter. He joined the Youth Brigade of the Fire Department of his home state, then moved to Caracas where he continued his studies at the University Institute of Firefighter Technology.

His life changed in February 1997, when he was called to an emergency and had to jump down the drainpipe, but he heard someone calling him. He lost focus for a second and fell 7 meters into the void. The fall fractured several vertebrae, forcing him to use a wheelchair.

After several surgeries, he was able to travel to Cuba for rehabilitation and was able to walk with a walker.

But misfortune struck again in 2007 when he was run over by a vehicle near the La Bandera terminal, putting him back in a wheelchair.

Inspiring Story: Venezuelan Firefighter with Disabilities Wins Gold at Life Time Tropical 5k Miami

At the age of 48, Colonel Miguel Ford, with the support of his mother Morella Ford, his sister Lourys and his firefighting family, has achieved many of his dreams, becoming an instructor for young students who aspire to become firefighters and obtaining degrees in Fire Science and as a Specialist in Citizen Security at the Universidad Nacional Experimental de la Seguridad (National Experimental University of Security).

It is not the first time that Ford has represented Venezuela in international events, surpassing himself in each of them, so Venezuela has an athlete who still dreams of participating in the Paralympic Games, because for this courageous Venezuelan, “the limits are only in mind,” as he expressed in an interview in October 2019.

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