The Venezuelan Beckham

The Venezuelan Beckham

Christian Santos, a Unionistas player, is Beckham’s lookalike and he is Venezuelan. He lives in Salamanca and has 275,000 followers due to his clear resemblance to the former Real Madrid player.

The Venezuelan Beckham: Meet Christian Santos the Striker Resembling David Beckham

It is believed that each of us has a double somewhere in the world. Many of us have encountered people who look like others on the street and can’t help but stare at them. However, there are look-alikes that are more striking than others because of the protagonist they resemble.

An example of this is Christian Santos, also known as the “Venezuelan Beckham”, due to his resemblance to the former Real Madrid player. Christian Robert Santos Kwasnieswki is known for his resemblance to David Beckham.

In addition to the obvious physical similarities, Christian Santos, the footballer in question, shares another aspect with David Beckham: he is also a footballer. Recently, the striker arrived in Salamanca to play for Unionistas, a team in the Primera Real Federación. However, his career in Spanish and international soccer is extensive.

Christian Santos has played for historic clubs such as Deportivo de La Coruña, although his game failed to establish itself at Riazor. During his two seasons there he played 49 games but only started 12 of them.

In addition to La Coruña, played in Alavés when the Spanish Basque team was in First Division. Likewise in the Glorioso during the 2016-2017 and 2017-2018 seasons.

Now Christian Santos joins the Castilian team with the clear goal of helping the team to move up from the bottom of the table which is currently led by Alcorcón with 43 points and closes Ceuta with 12.

The 34-year-old striker has a large following on Instagram around 275,000, and in addition to scoring goals his presence on social media has raised expectations in Salamanca.

From Venezuela to Salamanca: Journey of Christian Santos, the Footballer Resembling Beckham

The number of followers Christian Santos has on his Instagram account is impressive with a base of 275,000 people viewing his posts. It is possible that his resemblance to Beckham has something to do with it, but certainly if he had not dedicated himself to soccer, he could have a career as a photographer, model or influencer.

Soccer player Christian Santos has lived a career full of experiences in clubs all over the world. Born in Venezuela but raised in Germany with Galician ancestry, he has shown that he is still fit enough to keep playing.

He has played for clubs such as Deportivo de La Coruña and Alavés in Spain as well as other clubs in Belgium, Holland, Germany, Chile and Italy. Also represented Venezuela in international competitions such as the Copa America and the World Cup qualifiers.

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