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The Success Story of Greis Duarte’s Paisa Cheese Tequeños in Miami

Tequeños with Paisa cheese from a Venezuelan entrepreneur has managed to conquer the palate of Miami, United States. Greis Duarte, a Mirandina who was looking to fulfill her dream of having her own business, found in this product the formula to succeed in foreign lands.

Venezuelan entrepreneur Greis Duarte triumphs in Miami with her Paisa cheese tequeños: the success story behind Zona Tequeños

With only four suitcases and the hope of finding a better future for her children, this graphic designer ventured on a trip with her husband in 2017. However, she never imagined that her destiny would be to become the creator of one of the favorite snacks of Venezuelans.

Greis arrived in the United States without a work permit and had to start from the bottom. She worked as an Uber taxi driver and as a cleaner in restaurants, kitchens, offices and homes, before dedicating herself to managing social networks. But the pandemic left it without customers and with the need to reinvent itself.

That’s when Greis found his calling in the kitchen, thanks to comments from a friend at a party.

“Why do the Tequeños always end first in the celebrations of Venezuelans?” someone asked and she knew she had found her chance. He began making them with Paisa cheese and selling them to friends and acquaintances, achieving great acceptance.

With the success of her Tequeños, Greis discovered an inexplicable world in the kitchen and became a successful businesswoman in Miami. He has even had the honor of making his delicious snacks for artists such as El Puma.

His story is an example of perseverance and how with effort and dedication, the dream of having your own business in foreign land can be fulfilled.

The exquisite Tequeños from Zona Tequeños, a brand with only two years in the market, have captivated the palates of celebrities such as Kerly Ruiz, El Puma José Luis Rodríguez, Milena Torres, Ismael Cala, Katy Ferrer and Rafael ‘Pollo’ Brito.

Zona Tequeños: the success story behind a gastronomic brand in Miami

The founder of the company, proud of her success, shares that at first she wrote to these artists to make an exchange and she always received a warm response. Now, when he crosses paths with them on the street, they are welcomed as part of his family.

The brand has expanded its offering beyond Tequeños and also offers empanadas and, soon, cupcakes. Their frozen products can be found at some businesses in Miami and are also available at private events through their catering service.

Zona Tequeños has earned a place in the Miami gastronomic market thanks to the quality and flavor of its products. Without a doubt, a brand to follow closely.

The story of Greis Duarte is an example of the courage and strength that families can have when faced with adverse situations. This Venezuelan, a native of Los Teques, Miranda state, arrived in the United States a few years ago with her husband and two young children, in search of a better life.

Although her children quickly adapted to the new language and American culture, the beginnings weren’t easy. The eldest of his children, just 9 years old at the time, arrived in the United States with a panic attack due to the attacks they received in Venezuela because of an advertisement showing an image against the government. Greis and her husband applied for political asylum to protect their family.

The emotional story of Greis Duarte: an example of family strength and Love in the Midst of the Venezuelan Diaspora

In the midst of this difficult situation, Greis recognizes that his family has been his driving force. “My children and my husband always ask me how they can help me. Without those three gentlemen it wouldn’t be the same,” he said.

However, despite the strength of his family, Greis confessed that what he misses most about Venezuela is his extended family. For more than six years, he hasn’t been able to see his parents, siblings, nephews and other family members because they don’t have an American visas.

“It’s hard for my children to grow up without grandparents, uncles and cousins. I know that at some point we will get back together,” he said in the hope that one day they will be able to meet again.

The story of Greis Duarte is just one of the many that lie behind the Venezuelan diaspora. A story of courage, perseverance and family love, which shows how, despite difficulties, there is always a light at the end of the road.

When the pandemic left her without customers, she found her calling in the kitchen and began making tequeños. Her success story behind Zona Tequeños is an example of perseverance and how the dream of having your own business in a foreign land can be fulfilled.

Zona Tequeños has earned a place in the Miami gastronomic market thanks to the quality and flavor of its products, including empanadas and cupcakes. But beyond the success, Greis’s story is also one of family strength and love in the midst of the Venezuelan diaspora.

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