Maria Perez Caraballo

The Incredible Story of Maria Perez Caraballo

Loren Curcamo’s plans for a quiet winter morning were abruptly interrupted by a call from her daughters’ elementary school. Her six year old daughter, Lorette had developed a fever and needed to be picked up immediately.

From Eye Surgeon to Lifesaver: The Incredible Story of Maria Perez Caraballo

Upon arrival at Kleberg Elementary, Carcamo’s water broke, and she found herself in the care of school nurse Tylar Krause. The clinic was transformed into a makeshift delivery room as Carcamo’s contractions escalated.

Krause, a seasoned medical professional with experience working in emergency rooms during the pandemic cried out for someone with birth experience. Fortunately, the school had a solution: fifth grade teacher Maria Perez Caraballo.

The teacher, who had previously worked as a doctor in Venezuela and delivered hundreds of babies, rushed to the clinic upon being summoned over the intercom. Krause described the scene as one of panic that was quickly diffused by Perez Caraballo’s calm demeanor.

Upon examining Carcamo, Perez Caraballo determined that the baby was coming head first, but quickly. She confidently announced that the baby would be born there and then, with no time to spare.

The former doctor’s expertise proved invaluable, transforming the clinic into a successful delivery room for one mother and her newborn.

The Journey to Dallas: A Bilingual Teacher’s Tale

Maria Perez Caraballo honed her medical skills delivering babies across Venezuela as she pursued a career as an eye surgeon. However, in 2016 her family made the difficult decision to leave their home country in search of greater economic stability and security.

In Costa Rica Perez Caraballo struggled to find work as a doctor and eventually heard of the need for bilingual teachers in the United States.

With an open mind, Perez Caraballo saw this as an opportunity and applied to become a teacher. The Dallas Independent School District which has a large Spanish speaking student population often turns to other countries for bilingual teachers and welcomed Perez Caraballo to their ranks.

On the fateful day that she helped deliver a baby in the clinic, Perez Caraballo’s presence was a lifesaver for nurse Tylar Krause. Krause thanked Perez Caraballo for her willingness to change career paths and expressed gratitude for her presence at the school. Perez Caraballo humbly replied that she was glad to be of help.

Perez Caraballo’s journey to Dallas may have taken her away from her original career path but her expertise and bilingual skills have proven to be invaluable to her new community.

A Miracle in the Making

With the help of fellow school employee Tylar Krause and a team of paramedics, former doctor and current fifth grade teacher Maria Perez Caraballo delivered a healthy baby girl in the nurse’s office of Kleberg Elementary in Dallas.

Caraballo, who had once delivered babies all over Venezuela used her medical skills to guide the mother, Loren Carcamo, through the delivery. With no flagpole in the room, Krause held an IV bag while other teachers kept the students away from the unexpected birthing scene.

The baby Leire, was born purple and tangled in her umbilical cord but quickly turned pink and started crying. School employees were overjoyed applauding and crying tears of happiness. Carcamo and her newborn were taken to a hospital for examination while Lorette, the older daughter, watched in awe.

After the successful delivery, Perez Caraballo called her father to share the news. “You won’t believe what I did today,” she said, a proud moment for the former eye surgeon turned teacher who had immigrated to the US in search of a better life.