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Venezuelan Startup Cocomercado

Transforming Lives and Businesses in Venezuela: The Innovative Blockchain based Money Transfer System by Cocomercado. Revolutionizing remittances and small businesses in Venezuela.

Journey Venezuelan Cristian Noguera Representing Venezuela at CNN en Español

Venezuelan Immigrant Achieves Career Goals with CNN en Español

Cristian Noguera is a young Venezuelan similar to many others, who emigrated to Argentina in 2015 with a suitcase full of dreams in search of opportunities. Since the age of 18 he has worked in audiovisual post-production for production companies, advertising agencies and television channels.

Venezuelan model Yarelbys Tua

Venezuelan model advocating for disabled in the entertainment industry

Venezuelan model Yarelbys Tua, also known as Yare, has broken stereotypes about people with disabilities in the entertainment industry. A resident of the United States, she has created a platform for visibility and social normalization through her Instagram account and has managed to model at New York Fashion Week 2022.

Firefighter Colonel Miguel Ford

Firefighter with Disabilities Wins Life Time Tropical 5k Miami

Colonel Miguel Ford, a Venezuelan firefighter with disabilities, has won first place in the Life Time Tropical 5k Miami race. Despite facing challenges and setbacks in his life, including several injuries that left him in a wheelchair, he has become a role model and inspiration to many.