Fabiola Lairet

Fabiola Lairet: The first sushi chef certified in Spain

With a culinary empire spanning Barcelona and Madrid, Lairet’s passion and dedication to cooking have earned her recognition from the prestigious All Japan Sushi Association. Her journey from studying Civil Engineering in Venezuela to become a renowned sushi chef in Spain is inspirational.

Bululú Canarias

Bululú Canarias: Exquisite Venezuelan Gastronomy

Five years ago, Mónica Emmi, Lorenzo Labellarte, and Enrique Cachazo embarked on a culinary adventure, bringing Venezuelan cuisine to the heart of Gran Canaria. With their dedication and talent, they have created a resounding success, offering a unique perspective on Venezuelan flavors and aromas.


Complete Guide to ETIAS Requirements

Get ready to travel to Spain without worries! If you are planning a tourist trip or a stay of up to 90 days, you will need to comply with the new mandatory requirement: the ETIAS. In our complete guide HERE we explain in a simple way how to process it and how much it costs.

Sabolé in Alicante

Sabolé in Alicante – Spain

Discover the authentic taste of Venezuela in the heart of Alicante at Sabolé. This charming coffee is the brainchild of two passionate entrepreneurs who sought to introduce locals to the unique flavors of Venezuelan cuisine in a more authentic, artisanal manner.

Sitoonce Captivates Ibiza Audience

Sitoonce Captivates Ibiza Audience

Sitoonce wowed a huge crowd on the world-famous island of Ibiza in his debut performance on Spanish soil. The talented Venezuelan singer alongside some of the most outstanding urban artists of the moment wowed the crowd with an electrifying show at the prestigious BRUTAL music festival.

Picnic Style Celebrations with a Venezuelan Twist

Picnic Style Celebrations with a Venezuelan Twist

Venezuelan entrepreneur Abril Jiménez is revolutionizing the outdoor party market in Spain with her unique and innovative touch. Her talent did not pass unnoticed by the prestigious Spanish magazine Vogue Business which was selected how the 10 most outstanding entrepreneurs of 2020.