Venezuelans are finding hope and success in new countries around the world. Many have found opportunities, starting businesses and succeeding in various fields. Their strength and courage are an inspiration!

Venezuelan Passport

Venezuelan Passport Requirements and Destinations

Discover the power of the Venezuelan passport! Ranked 11th in Latin America for mobility, it allows visa-free access to 129 countries. Holders can explore Europe, Middle East, Asia, Africa, and Oceania with ease. Obtaining or renewing a passport is easy with Saime, the entity responsible for issuing passports.

Form I-134A

Form I-134A – Affidavit of Support

This article provides an overview of the requirements for filing Form I-134A, which is used by individuals who commit to provide financial support to a beneficiary applying for humanitarian leave via the Union for Ukraine or the Cuban, Haitian, Nicaraguan and Venezuelan Processes.

Picnic Style Celebrations with a Venezuelan Twist

Picnic Style Celebrations with a Venezuelan Twist

Venezuelan entrepreneur Abril Jiménez is revolutionizing the outdoor party market in Spain with her unique and innovative touch. Her talent did not pass unnoticed by the prestigious Spanish magazine Vogue Business which was selected how the 10 most outstanding entrepreneurs of 2020.


Venezuelan Migrants Choose Canada as New Destination

Learn about local governments in cities like New York sponsoring trips to Canada, processing paperwork and providing a journey ticket. Know why Canadian immigration plan is attracting skilled workers, refugees and families with its target to admit 500,000 new arrivals annually and its reputation of being welcoming.

Journey Venezuelan Cristian Noguera Representing Venezuela at CNN en Español

Venezuelan Immigrant Achieves Career Goals with CNN en Español

Cristian Noguera is a young Venezuelan similar to many others, who emigrated to Argentina in 2015 with a suitcase full of dreams in search of opportunities. Since the age of 18 he has worked in audiovisual post-production for production companies, advertising agencies and television channels.

Humanitarian visas

Humanitarian visas benefit U.S. economy

Representatives of pro-immigrant organizations in the United States on Tuesday rejected that the program that grants humanitarian visas to Cubans, Venezuelans, Haitians and Nicaraguans will be an economic burden for the receiving states, arguing that, on the contrary, it will be a contribution to public coffers.