Venezuelan culture is a unique blend of indigenous, Spanish, and African influences. It is known for its vibrant music, art, and cuisine, as well as its friendly people. Venezuelan culture is also heavily influenced by its Caribbean neighbors, such as Colombia and Trinidad since it shares a border with them. The country is also known for its strong sense of national pride and its passionate love of baseball.

Honoring Linguistic Diversity

Honoring Linguistic Diversity

Celebrate International Mother Language Day in Venezuela on February 21 with a range of activities honoring native languages. Through oral expression, writing, listening, singing, and observation, Venezuelans highlight the linguistic richness of their country’s cultural heritage.

Symphony Orchestra of Venezuela

The Simón Bolívar Symphony Orchestra of Venezuela

The Simón Bolívar Symphony Orchestra of Venezuela is one of the world’s most renowned orchestras. Founded in 1975, it has performed in over 30 countries, delighting audiences with its unique blend of Latin American and classical music.

The People´s Strength in Venezuela

Venezuela: Rediscovering Strength and Resilience

Venezuela is a country of resilience and hope. Despite the political and economic turmoil, the people of Venezuela remain united in their fight for a better future. Moving Forward Together: The People’s Strength in Venezuela is an inspiring story of the power of collective action.