Business and Economy

Investing in Venezuela is a great opportunity to contribute to the country’s economic development and to gain exposure to its diverse and dynamic culture. It’s an exciting way to build relationships and be part of a thriving Latin American community.

Black Friday

Tracing Back to Black Friday 40 Years Ago in 1983

The economic instability in Venezuela traces back to Black Friday in 1983, when the bolivar suffered a significant devaluation against the dollar due to government policies. Economist José Guerra sheds light on the causes and impact of this historic event.


Venezuelan Startup Cocomercado

Transforming Lives and Businesses in Venezuela: The Innovative Blockchain based Money Transfer System by Cocomercado. Revolutionizing remittances and small businesses in Venezuela.

Goiko Grill Takes the Streets by Storm with Dinosaur Marketing Campaign

Storm with Dinosaur Marketing Campaign

Goiko Grill, the popular Venezuelan-founded hamburger chain, created a buzz on social media with its unique marketing campaign featuring dinosaurs. The company brought back two of its most popular burgers, the Chiliraptor and Kevin Serrana and filmed a commercial with dinosaurs that went viral on the streets of Madrid.

Venezuelan Migration: The Other Side of the Coin

Venezuelan Migration: The Other Side of the Coin

More than seven million Venezuelans have left their country in the last eight years to escape the economic, political and social crisis. The vast majority of them, six million, have settled in other countries in the Latin American region, which for years have invested part of their budgets in welcoming the new arrivals.

Susseth Añez

The Art of Event Design: Susseth Añez shares her story

Susseth Añez, a Venezuelan woman in the US, turned a frustrating business failure into a successful event decorating career. From watching YouTube tutorials to designing parties for clients like Marko Music, her passion for decorating spaces brought her new dreams and a new business, Susseth Event Designer.

Investing in Venezuela from Abroad

Investing in Venezuela from Abroad

A story about how love for roots and family motivates many entrepreneurs to build their dreams and paddle against the odds in difficult-to-navigate waves. There were many Venezuelans who decided to leave the country with enough reasons to seek a better future, opportunities and job growth and thus offer financial and economic hope to their homes and families.