Shurty Cooks: Venezuelan Influencer

Shurty Cooks: Venezuelan Influencer

Surthany Hejeij, better known as Surthycooks on TikTok, is a Venezuelan influencer with Lebanese roots. She was a hit at the Tiktoks Awards 2023, winning the “Master of Flavor” award, and has 22.5 million followers on social media, mostly on TikTok. In addition to her awards success, she is also admired for her humanitarian work.

Shurty Cooks: Venezuelan Influencer Wins Master Flavor Award TikTok Awards 2023

On January 31, the TikTok Awards 2023 ceremony was held in Mexico City, where fans had the opportunity to vote for their favorite influencers and artists in 14 categories. Shurty prevailed and upon receiving his award, he said it was an honor to be there, thanks to the platform and his phone, he was able to travel the world and touch hearts. She thanked all the people who have always supported her.

Who is Shurty Cooks?

She is a multi-talented influencer with a passion for cooking. Born in Venezuela with Lebanese roots, she started her social media career in 2017. Despite starting on YouTube and Instagram, her biggest success came on TikTok, where she now has more than 539 million “Likes.”

She stands out for her focus on humanitarian action through her love of cooking. With the support of her husband, she cooks large quantities of typical dishes from Venezuela and Lebanon, and then delivers them to people in poverty. For her, cooking is more than just a hobby: it is an art that she can use to help others.

Shurty has spoken several times about what she’s doing, describing it as rewarding. Says: “the desire to help people is something always had and been able to get better at it through social media”.

The Humanitarian Side of Shurty Cooks: How the Influencer is Helping People in Poverty

Along the way, received both praise and criticism. It is her mission to cook large quantities of food and distribute it to people in need. In his videos, can see him cooking pasta, meat, and other ingredients and distributing them in containers. Even with the criticism she has received, continues to cook and learn motivated to help people, to leave a positive lesson for those who follow her.

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