Sabolé in Alicante

Sabolé in Alicante – Spain

Discover the authentic taste of Venezuela in the heart of Alicante at Sabolé. This charming coffee is the brainchild of two passionate entrepreneurs who sought to introduce locals to the unique flavors of Venezuelan cuisine in a more authentic, artisanal manner.

Experience Authentic Venezuelan Cuisine at Sabolé in Alicante – Spain

Since opening in late 2020 Sabolé has become a go to spot for foodies seeking homemade goodness, unique flavors and a pet-friendly atmosphere. From succulent “Carne Mechada” to the famous “cachapa”, Sabolé offers an unforgettable culinary experience that starts with every mouthful. Join the hype and savor the Sabolé experience today!

Experience Authentic Venezuelan Cuisine in Alicante at Sabolé: Homemade Goodness, Unique Flavors, and a Pet-Friendly Atmosphere

Experience the exquisite flavors of Venezuelan cuisine particularly the renowned Alicante, at Sabolé – the brainchild of two visionary entrepreneurs. Since its establishment in late 2020, Sabolé has successfully conquered the palates of many, with 80% of its patrons being locals who were either new to this cuisine or enticed by the allure of arepas and tequeños.

The power duo who hail from Venezuela, had been residing in Alicante for four years before fate brought them to this culinary venture. Alejandra, a seasoned lawyer, and William, a compassionate advocate for airplane crash victims, were both out of work due to the pandemic. Driven by their passion for cooking and people, they sought guidance from experts to bring their vision to life. Now, their dream has become a reality, and Sabolé is here to stay.

After studying other Venezuelan food establishments they realized that they primarily catered to the Latino community. That’s when it dawned on them: there was an untapped opportunity to introduce Venezuelan cuisine to the Spanish public, specifically the people of Alicante in a more authentic, artisanal manner. Sabolé offers nothing but homemade goodness, from their succulent “Carne Mechada” to their flavorful mayonnaise.

Discover the Authentic Venezuelan Cuisine at Sabolé in Alicante: From Arepas to Cachapa, Experience Unforgettable Flavors and a Personal Touch

The name Sabolé, a fusion of the words ‘sabor’ and ‘olé’, was chosen to express their gratitude to the locals for giving them a chance. They wanted to create a space that exudes a combination of delightful flavors and positive energy embodied in a charming café located right in the heart of Alicante. Even the decorative elements were crafted by the talented duo, adding a personal touch that resonates with patrons. Come experience the joy and taste of Sabolé today!

According to William the head chef at Sabolé, cooking alone doesn’t cut it in the restaurant business. Customers are seeking an unforgettable experience. He welcomes us to his kitchen, which he describes as simple and equipped with only the essentials. Here, he crafts some of Sabolé’s most popular dishes, including arepas, empanadillas and tequeños.

In 2023 they’ve added a delectable new dish to their menu: cachapa – a sweet corn cake oozing with cheese and garnished with the customer’s choice of toppings. “While everyone knows arepas, we wanted to introduce cachapa,” William shares. This dish is so labor-intensive that even Venezuelans themselves go out to eat it instead of preparing it at home.

At Sabolé they’re committed to providing an unforgettable experience, one that starts with every mouthful. Come and indulge in the rich, flavorful cuisine and make unforgettable memories today!

Indulge in Authentic Venezuelan Flavors at Sabolé: Unforgettable Cuisine, Refreshing Drinks, and Pet-Friendly Atmosphere!

At Sabolé the star drinks are the refreshing “Papelón” mixed with either lemon or passion fruit juice. For the adventurous, they also offer more typical Venezuelan drinks such as “Malt or Frescolita”. And if you’re worried the cachapa won’t satisfy your hunger, you can pair it with some mouthwatering “Patatas Saboleras”, which are available for only €13.90. They also provide vegetarian and vegan options such as the cachapa stuffed with vegan cheese and avocado. Additionally Sabolé stands out for its pet-friendly area, allowing your furry companion to join in on the fun!

Social media plays a critical role in Sabolé’s success. The couple started on Instagram under the handle ‘quieroabrirunrestaurante’, and they now boast a following of 10 thousand foodies. The quality of their homemade dishes and the authentic Venezuelan flavors, coupled with the warmth and friendliness of the staff, have earned Sabolé a remarkable 4.9-star rating on Google – an achievement they reached in “just a year since opening.” Join the hype and savor the Sabolé experience today!

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