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Computuning, C.A. - Su Tienda de Informática

We are honored to be able to repair their equipment in our facilities, we make preventive and corrective maintenance of monitors, cpu, printers and others. We improve and optimize their equipment. We work with brands like Advantek, AOC, ATI, Canon, CNET, Cisco, Compaq, Creative, Dell, encore, epson, ge, genius, GP, HP, IBM, Intel, Iomega, Kingston, Lexmark, Lenovo, LG, Linksys, logitech, marvision, nexxt, nvidia, samsung, toshiba. We assist in the installation of data networks, video surveillance, domain name registration ( Net,. COM.V,, etc..), Developing and hosting its website. Let's talk and find the best price value to their need. And if your need is to move one of our technicians to your business let us know and agree upon appointment to the job.

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Avenida Doctor Montoya, Estación de Servicios Casa Gómez, Local 5-4, frente al Club Casa Portuguesa. - Maracay - Aragua - Venezuela


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Phone (s): +58 (0243) 2694933 / (0414) 4573128 / Fax: (0243) 2694933

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