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Yesy Espina - Insurance Broker in Maracaibo

We offer personal insurance, car insurance, property insurance, bonds, vehicular liability, HCM, programs for special risks. Created over 30 years ago with an ideology to play an important role in the opinion of its customers to which it belongs and serve. Our strategy is to provide the best service from nearby, because this we can understand their concerns and offer our experience based in reality. We have endeavored to expand the number of insurance companies and other companies dedicated to the field programs offering special coverage of occupational requirement (Title VIII of the Labour Law), oil contract etc., with whom we maintain our commercial and strategic alliances. Besides creating plans or products that extend and cover the highest level of customer requirements.

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Sector Veritas, Calle 89 Centro Comercial Menillo, Planta Alta Local No. 2-6 - Maracaibo - Zulia - Venezuela


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Phone (s): +58 (261) 7230534 / (261) 7238514

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