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Shop Mi Punto - Movistar Venezuela

Shops MIPUNTO is a space where you will find a large group of suppliers who share a common infrastructure services hosted on the e-commerce platform TELCEL.NET. Shops MIPUNTO puts you in touch with various stores so you can find any article you want, compare prices and make your online purchases quickly and safely. To make your shopping Stores MIPUNTO you must be registered with or, for that you need a login and a password. If you already have email accounts or you can use the services of MIPUNTO Stores.

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Avenida Francisco de Miranda, Centro Comercial El Parque, Piso 16, Gerencia de Desarrollo de Negocios, Los Palos Grandes - Caracas - Gran Caracas - Venezuela


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Phone (s): +58 (0212) 2001411 / (0212) 2008411 / Fax: (0212) 2008140

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