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Centecpro - Centro Técnico Profesional

The directive Vocational Technical Center gives you a warm welcome in Venezuela and its website offers the best technical courses, training courses and workshops and training for work in areas related to manufacturing, construction and Graphic Arts . Centecpro is managed and advised by professionals with extensive experience nationally and internationally, who prepare and organize academic studies in accordance with the needs of the country for the training of high quality human resources, creativity and competitiveness. Assure the students, attention and service excellence under the principles of efficiency, honesty and professional ethics. All this based on a human resources concerned with the continuous improvement and ambition to contribute to the development of the country.

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Urbanización Colina de Los Caobos, Calle La Colina, Quinta Centecpro. - Caracas - Gran Caracas - Venezuela


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Phone (s): +58 (0212) 7932058 / (0416) 7327197 / Fax: (0212) 7933706

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