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Big Blumer - Factory Underwear

We are a distributor of the best Colombian intimate apparel brands as:'s Kibya, Silvia, Tan, intimacy, Lingerie, Lejaby, Lucy, Leonisa, Samara Fashion, Parisien and many more ... We have over 1500 models in a variety of colors and markings! between intimate clothing, pajamas, swimsuits, sportswear, belts and boxer to offer you all! their customers. We are competitive because we manufacture and import directly and simultaneously to sell more and details. Our system is the largest sales from three (3) stocked or equal parts of the same model or different. You can buy our goods either by choice or by catalogue. You choose our distributor in an assortment of several models in different sizes and colors that can be shown as to offer his client variety of models and the most important thing: the opportunity to measure the garment you are buying and make sure that is really what we want. However, if it need to change a garment, provided that it is in good condition and has his label you can do. For a minimum value you get a catalog that allows you to display all the information in photos of models, sizes, colors, materials and clothing.

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Avenida Francisco de Miranda, dentro del Centro Perú, Planta Baja. Local 9-B (Al lado de la Estación del Metro de Chacao) - Caracas - Gran Caracas - Venezuela


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Phone (s): +58 (212) 2665518 / (212) 2661598

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