Modified: Lun 03 Nov 2008

La Jota Margariteña

Produce original and unique handmade pieces, manufactured by using manual techniques, to the delight of the audience that likes this style of artistic expression. Designing advertising for consumer products or not to be identified with the company representative. Wholesale and retail of typical Venezuelan crafts, gifts and souveniers. Dolls, bears incencios, fish, Virgin, ashtrays.


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Avenida Bolívar con Avenida Aldonza Manrique, Centro Comercial AB, Local K8, Planta Baja, pasillo UNICASA. Isla de Margarita - Porlamar - Nueva Esparta - Venezuela


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Phone (s): +58 (0295) 2533512 / (0414) 7988426 / Fax: (0295) 2536320


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