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Restaurant y Marisqueria Cristal Mar - Sabores que Liberan tus Sentidos

Sober, elegant, functional. The Seafood Restaurant and Critsla Sea has become an important social meeting point. And is that all helps make it a fascinating place: its architectural beauty, harmony and quality of service. The only because Seafood Restaurant and Crystal Sea has to offer while some modern and some corners capable of transport to the joy of living. And all of this to enjoy spectacular scenery, where we offer the ideal setting for banquets or any other social gathering located in a privileged environment, the sea. The balcony of The Crystals, pleasant space for more than 150 people. With a spectacular landscape, where you can appreciate the beauty and grandeur of our Caribbean Sea, adaptable for banquets, celebrations, weddings, birthday.

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Avenida La Playa, con bajada El Playón, Urbanización Macuto. - Macuto - Vargas - Venezuela


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Phone (s): +58 (0212) 3933489 / (0212) 3933490

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