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Hidrocleanness Services

Services of preventive and corrective maintenance to high pressure equipment, both in cold water as hot water. Sell​​, rent and manufactures special equipment, according to customer needs, the service area for agribusiness and everything related to the overall cleanliness. High Pressure Equipment agribusiness in hot and cold water, piston pumps. Our manufacturing equipment can be used in industry Zootécnica for regular disinfection, animal sanitation facilities, scale and debris that can lead to pathogenic factors or degenerative anyway.

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Avenida Bolívar con Avenida Ayacucho, calle 104 con calle Santa Elena, Sector la Democracia No. 15. - Maracay - Aragua - Venezuela


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Phone (s): +58 (243) 2464815 / (243) 2470104 / Fax: (243) 2473571

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