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Sieler Sustainable Architecture

In order to contribute to the quality of life of our generation without compromising the natural resources of the future, Sieler CA Sustainable Architecture, is shaped as a computer technician in the area of ​​environmental design and sustainable construction in Venezuela, which has specialized technology platform for generating computer simulations can predict through various studies, the behavior of a bioclimatic building in the conceptual stage, basic and / or detail, in order to create a work that achieves not only an excellent aesthetic quality but also comfortable spaces by natural, healthy, high efficiency and low environmental impact. The focus of Sustainable Architecture Sieler CA, is mainly directed to support design teams already established, and wish to bioclimatic and incorporate aspects of sustainability in their works, as well as those companies and institutions interested in incorporating these variables within their structure corporate. In such cases they provide the specialized technical consulting services, development of bioclimatic studies, LEED certification, energy audits, evaluation, supervision and / or inspection of works associated with the area of environmental design and sustainable construction. Also, CA Sustainable Architecture Sieler has a team of architects can address the development of specialized projects and sustainable bioclimatic architecture, based in Caracas, Venezuela, with its field nationwide and internationally.

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El Hatillo - Caracas - Gran Caracas - Venezuela


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Phone (s): +58 (212) 3136283 / (414) 9061676

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