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Kartouchediscplay - Best Sound

We are a young company synonymous with quality, show dedicated to the field with a name of the innovative and cutting edge technology to offer best to our customers. Recent technological advances in audio and lighting professionals allows us to offer a quality service, using a small space pudiéndonos adapted to any physical space. Our repertoire includes all musical genres, making music covering several decades of pleasing everyone in any kind of event, ranging from a simple meeting to a wedding or fifteen more majestic.


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Avenida Páez del Paraíso. - Caracas - Gran Caracas - Venezuela


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Phone (s): +58 (414) 3114690 / (412) 7120818


Atendemos cualquier tipo de eventos, cumpleaños, matrimonios, conferencias. etc.

Nos adaptamos a tu presupuesto

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Nos distinguimos de los demas!

Mas d 10 Años de experiencia.

Luces roboticas, laser y mas...

Lo ultimo en tegnologia digital!



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