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f t Maria Belen - Theme Writer Gothic and Modern Horror (Vampires)

Venezuelan writer of gothic and modern horror theme. Author of the novel -Black Cats- series of books for anyone who wants to leave behind the classic vampire legends. Discover the unusual story told here and see how reality and fantasy writing in the same line. My name is Marie Damara Beaurin and this is my story. There is a common story but it's pretty simple, just about my experiences in the past decades and perhaps some will find interesting. It was not easy for me to confess everything that is written here, although I decided to be unwise to do so. Revealed this material in honor of those who are hungry for knowledge, to the innocent fallen and the world to which I belong. I make this statement in 2011, which describe the facts as they happened from the year 1987, when I began my real biography. If you are interested in buying contact me. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more information on other sagas and know that this is my story. In the Facebook page is up to the first 3 chapters read and be amazed!


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Centro de Barquisimeto, Carrera 17, Avenida Vargas. - Barquisimeto - Lara - Venezuela


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Phone (s): +58 (416) 2894494 / (426) 8353305


Descubre la insólita historia aquí narrada y veras como la realidad y la fantasía se escriben en la


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