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Crepuscolia Foundation

Research and study of environmental impacts on the City Council Marcano and the state of Nueva Esparta, Isla de Margarita. The nature of the Foundation is humanistic-ecological, non-profit organization with legal personality and its own, designed to reaffirm and promote the artistic, cultural, natural and historic village of Juan Greek, help in the rescue and conservation of different cultural events: the literary, drawing, painting, music, theater, folklore, stories, documentaries and other film production, television and other audiovisual media.

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Calle el Sol No. 2 - Juan Griego - Nueva Esparta - Venezuela


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Phone (s): +58 (295) 2530058 / (295) 2531225


Haciendo los preparativos para la consulta pública del PLAN DE ORDENAMIENTO Y REGLAMENTO DE USO DE L

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