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Humberto De J. R. Ortiz - Lawyer, Strategic Consultant

Advisory services and strategic business consulting, business generation, internationalization of business, management of human talent management, leadership and governance, corporate marketing, training and public relations. Advocate (Venezuela), diploma in teacher education (Venezuela), expert and master in management and local governance for the Andean region (Spain), specialist in public service and human resources management (Spain). Currently studying a Master in Legal Practice Higher Institute of Law and Economics (ISDE - Madrid), and a PhD in political science at the Universidad Rafael Belloso Chacin (Venezuela). I speak Spanish, English and Italian and possess basic knowledge of French and Portuguese.


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Avenida 22a con Calle 77. Centro Comercial Taicupa, Nivel 1, Local 16. - Maracaibo - Zulia - Venezuela


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Phone (s): +58 (261) 7541025 / (424) 2538238


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