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Aerotécnica, C.A. - Venezuelan Helicopters

Founded in 1951 and pioneered the country in implementing cutting-edge aviation technologies. Since our inception we have provided logistical support for the realization of complex industrial activities, particularly the oil and petrochemical, power generation and transmission of electric power, mining, construction, telecommunications, seismic and offshore services. Aerotecnica is the Venezuelan helicopters with more experience and service capacity in the country. We have a large fleet allows us to flexibly meet demand from industrial and commercial sectors.


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Aeropuerto Caracas "Oscar Machado Zuloaga" Edificio Aerotécnica. - Charallave - Miranda - Venezuela


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Phone (s): +58 (239) 2240221 / (239) 2253535 / Fax: (239) 2253535


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