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Famain, C.A.

Assembly manufacturing and industrial maintenance, with experience in development of belts, dust extraction systems in cement industry, mining, bridge cranes translation 2 tons to 80 tons Demag change in chilled plate electrode melting furnace reduction of ore (nickel), experience with hydraulic systems for lifting roof furnace refining ore (nickel), experience in hydraulic systems and components Manulli Rexroth, repair of pneumatic drill hammers Dango, developing projects with electric arc welding and material input Tig, Mig. Experience in lubrication equipment such as dust extraction fans, cranes lifting bridges, repair of rail beams for cranes, stackers and reclaimers ore. Welding channel cooled slag and metal ore reduction in nickel. Welding of stainless steel and Astraloid.


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Urbanización Vista Hermosa, parcela 5 # 1. - La Victoria - Aragua - Venezuela


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Phone (s): +58 (0244) 3224038 / (0424) 3647729


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