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Factory Musical Instruments Sonomanuel

We specialize in string instruments pressed, and Mirandino llanera Venezuelan harps, harp Chilean, Paraguayan and Peruvian, Venezuelan larense quartet, classical guitar, flamenco, Venezuela Bandola of central, eastern and llanera, four Venezuelan concert, and study for children, charangos Bolivians and Peruvians, mandolins, Colombian tiple, Cuban tres, four Puerto Rican, marimbas, Requinto. and so on. Strings rubbed violins and violas. The musical instruments that we build are made with wood from different sources, densities for each part of the instrument and using a drying personal and very careful in terms of the instrumentation response to the tensions inherent in the pitch of each. Among the many woods that exist, we have tried and some that are currently used: Spruce Pine German or Canadian, Sequoia California, Chilean Larch, Sitka U.S., Spanish cypress, cedar of Venezuela, Zero red Canada, Chile Alamo, Palo Saint of India or Rio de Janeiro; Teca of India cultivated in Venezuela, European Maple, Mahogany Venezolana, Pino OR Canadian Nogal de Venezuela, Venezuelan Pardillo black, ebony Granadillo Venezuelan ebony from Madagascar, Zapatero del Zulia in Venezuela, Brazil Jacaranda.


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Urbanización Zazarivacoa, Casa 2, Colonia Parte Alta. - Guanare - Portuguesa - Venezuela


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Phone (s): +58 (0257) 4154304 / (0414) 5784792


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