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Mayor of the Autonomous Municipality of Nirgua

Our mission is to ensure that the principles of the Bolivarian Constitution of Venezuela are met, for the purpose of providing quality public services; formulating and implementing the municipal budget under the Legal Framework to publicize the Executive municipal management; implement Legislative instruments governing areas under its jurisdiction. Ensuring compliance with policies, plans, programs and municipal projects that relate to the internal management of the municipality. To coordinate actions to fulfil the functions of the organizational structure and future changes and adjustments that this requires. Mayor Luis Emilio Vasquez Fuentes.


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Avenida Sexta entre calle 8 y avenida Bolívar, edificio Palacio Municipal de Nirgua, frente a la Plaza Bolívar. - Naguanagua - Yaracuy - Venezuela


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Phone (s): +58 (0254) 5721782 / (0254) 5721254 / Fax: (0254) 5721782


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