Modified: Mar 27 May 2008

Mayor of the Autonomous Municipality Feo Fernandez

Our mission is to achieve a state social, economic, political, cultural, sports, health and infrastructure, optimal for sustainable development of the municipality, encouraging small and medium enterprises through cooperative entities as generators of jobs and production, structuring A system of high-level hospital with doctors fully trained to offer care 24 hours a day, strengthen the educational system in its first and second stage with schools and teachers able empowered, in addition to encouraging education, diversified and professional high schools and Bolivarian educational missions, strengthen the Mission Cultural looking refundar the foundation of our society, creating patriotic citizens with broad awareness, shaping the agricultural road network benefiting from the main production area of the municipality, agriculture and generate awareness among citizens gaining spaces in the political arena, seeking to increase the collective confidence towards government institutions. Mayor Profesor Josué Gilberto Campos Blanco.


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Calle 3 entre carreras 2 y 3, diagonal a la Plaza Bolívar de San Rafael de El Piñal, edificio Centro Cívico. - San Rafael del Piñal - Táchira - Venezuela


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Phone (s): +58 (0277) 4146721 / (0277) 4149574


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