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Plus Car Venezuela - International Car System

We all work towards the infrastructural delivery vehicles 0 KM, previously elected by their customers, in acts of choice being made public once a month, in the presence of Notary Public preset times and dates in due time. The person who is favored in the election, receives his vehicle and automatically 0 KM, is relieved to cancel the remaining shares, that is NOT PAY MORE, even when it has cancelled only the first of the 60 shares which, moreover, is the duration of the system. With a history of serious and permanent responsibility, the company, through the trust of their thousands of customers, has maintained steady growth since its placing on the market, being within their immediate plans to have presence throughout Venezuela. With a sense of enlightened self-pride, The Company has been making the goals originally planned, and thereby has given joy to a large number of homes Venezuelans who now have their vehicle 0 KM thank Plus Car.


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Carrera Guri con Calle Aro, Torre Alférez, Nivel Oficinas, Local 2A, al lado de FundaUNEG, Alta Vista - Puerto Ordaz - Bolívar - Venezuela


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Phone (s): +58 (286) 9622402 / (286) 9626942 / Fax: (286) 9610090


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