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PPPS - Panamerican Supply of Goods and Services

We are a company that comes in response to the needs demanded by the business sector, industry and government in the country to have a comprehensive provider of all those products and services that are consumed daily and required in all its offices and units and that the supplier out due to their responsibility, care and efficiency. Our mission is to provide integrated solutions sued daily by the offices of the commercial, industrial and governmental, efficient and timely response to the needs and challenges of quality, care and price demanded by our customers and the market. We offer products of stationery and office supplies, office equipment, computer equipment, consumables, paper and stationery, and manufacture of stamps, POP materials, office furniture, uniforms of all kinds, cleaning products, industrial supplies, equipment and accessories security consulting and risk insurance, consulting and management.

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Final Avenida Lara Con Avenida 20 - Barquisimeto - Lara - Venezuela


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Phone (s): +58 (0416) 6500262 / (0414) 5166091 / Fax: (0251) 2635750

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