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National Bolivarian Military Aircraft

In these 87 years our Bolivarian Military Aviation is proud to contribute with the other components of the Armed Forces in the noble mission of protecting the homeland and strengthening the sky harmonious and integral development of Venezuela. Aviation Today we have a modern, equipped with sophisticated weapons systems and human resources qualified to perform the duties pertaining to the institution air. From the countless reconnaissance missions, combat, rescue, to transportation and evacuation of people and equipment in peacetime and contingency. The success of these actions is guaranteed largely by the work undertaken by men and women who make up the Bolivarian Military Aviation. Reasons abound to be invited to ride with us the sovereign space. Venezuelan Military Aviation is designed to ensure national defense through the mastery of the skies, to help maintain internal order and participate actively in the development of the country, using Power Air National to guarantee the territorial integrity, independence and sovereignty of the nation.


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Aeropuerto de La Carlota, Edificio Comandancia General de La Aviación, Urbanización La Carlota. - Caracas - Gran Caracas - Venezuela


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Phone (s): +58 (0212) 2375990 / (0212) 2375305


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