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Casanova Tours

Travel agencies in Trujillo - Venezuela. We characterize excellence in the fascinating world of travel and tourism. Since Valera, in the State of Trujillo, we have served as a meeting point between our customers and the world. We believe strongly in the travel and tourism industry, its positive effects, economic and cultural rights, in its very essence is that the man and his spirit of search. We understand that in a world increasingly smaller and faster, with smaller distances, globalized and competitive, our faith in what we do sustains the enthusiasm


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Avenida Bolívar, calle 8, Centro Comercial Edivica II, Local 14 - Valera - Trujillo - Venezuela


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Phone (s): +58 (271) 2211654 / (271) 2253865 / Fax: (271) 2257718


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