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BNC - Banco Nacional de Credito - Venezuelan Bank

We offer our distinguished clientele security and profitability required for their deposits, as well as opportunities for financing projects in various areas of economic activity, at competitive rates, to fulfil the role of intermediation and help develop the productive sectors of the country , Generating a reasonable return to shareholders, through a human resource motivated and prepared. The National Bank of Credit provides a careful personal attention and direct, through its range of financial products and services, accompanied by a philosophy based on prudence, and service excellence within the highest ethical principles and absolute adherence to the rules legal.

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Avenida Vollmer, Centro Empresarial Caracas, Torre Sur, Planta Baja, Urbanización San Bernardino. - Caracas - Gran Caracas - Venezuela


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Phone (s): +58 (212) 5975111 / (212) 5975102 / Fax: (212) 5975444

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