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Wix Filters Venezuela

The 1939, Wix Filters was founded by Jack Doan John Wicks and Paul G. Crawshaw and was based on the idea that manufacture parts for filters should simplify the process of changing them. At that time, Wix was focused on making spare parts covered by the first half for oil filters that were popular economic and highly efficient farming industry. Wix has 4 factories in USA, one in Canada, one in England, one in Poland, one in China and a small operation in Brazil. 1982 Wix began manufacturing its products in Venezuela. Affinia Venezuela - Wix Filtration Corp. exported to several countries and is market leader in filtration technology Venezuelan oil, air and fuel for passenger cars, trucks, buses, trucks and off-road machinery. In Venezuela, Wix has among its customers in original equipment replacement Ford Motors de Venezuela, Venezuela and DaimlerChrysler Encava.

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Avenida Ernesto Branger con Avenida Iribarren Borges, Zona Industrial Sur II. - Valencia - Carabobo - Venezuela


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Phone (s): +58 (241) 3002030 / (241) 3002041 / Fax: (241) 3002051

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