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IPS Supplies Chemicals Products

IPS supplies chemicals products, petrochemicals as many associated services to products supplying as not associated. The products included: Ethanolamines, Specialty Amines, formulated amines for gas treating applications, gas odorants, alkanes, Alkenes, aromatics Extraction Solvents, isoparaffin solvents, sulfurizing agents, references fuels, mercaptans, cyanides scavengers, glycols, curing agents for epoxies resins, catalyst for polyurethanes, surfactants (anionics, non ionics, cationics), activated carbon and others. IPS supplies as well, turn key sweetening and dehydration plants, gas compression plants, solid bed H2S removal, Catalytic O2 removal, waste gas incineration, dew point control plants, cartridge elements filters, filters coalescers, new and used equipments for gas plants and process simulation software for oil refining and petrochemicals process.


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Urbanización El Parral, Las Cuatro Avenidas, Multicentro Paseo El Parral, Piso 6, Oficina 11 y 12. - Valencia - Carabobo - Venezuela


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Phone (s): +58 (241) 8254547 / (241) 8254428 / Fax: (241) 8252267


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