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f t Venezuelan Newspaper El Sol de Margarita

Journal of the Margarita Island. Regional, political, economic, sporting, cultural, social, tourism, classifieds and more information. Our mission is to inform the truth, plural and balanced manner. Make the best and most responsible journalism in the country, being a model of successful and committed to the community. Your Ivan Jose Cardozo Yanez, editor-founder died on June 4, 2009. The Board is committed to preserving his legacy continue and reinforce the philosophy that underlies the rationale of the daily SOL DE MARGARITA, an independent, pluralistic newspaper and democratic than telling the whole truth to the extent that you can learn from it, within the framework of freedom of expression and information, the existing law and journalistic ethics.

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Calle Fermín con Charaima, sector Genovés, Edificio Sol de Margarita - Porlamar - Nueva Esparta - Venezuela


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Phone (s): +58 (295) 2645522 / (295) 2645412 / Fax: (295) 2640404

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