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Supreme Court of Venezuela

Brief history of the Supreme Court. Information about the organization, jurisdiction, powers and functioning, list of judges who make up the board of the TSJ, address book and emails from various units of the TSJ. The Supreme Court is part of the justice system and the governing body of the judiciary, therefore is its highest jurisdictional authority and exercised his leadership, governance and management, in order to ensure protection to the defendant and protection of their rights and constitutional guarantees. The Magistrates and Judges of the Supreme Court are elected by the National Assembly. They last in office for twelve (12) years, for a single term.


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Esquina de Dos Pilitas final Avenida Baralt, Foro Libertador, Edificio Tribunal Supremo de Justicia - Caracas - Gran Caracas - Venezuela


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Phone (s): +58 (212) 8019110 / (212) 8019111


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