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Mayor of the Autonomous Municipality Vargas

We are responsible for executing plans, programmes and projects for human development, social, economic and environmental protection; developed, designed and evaluated with the participation of the Local Council of Planning, according to the municipal powers laid down in Article 178 of the Constitution the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and the laws, in order to assist in raising the quality of life of people generates! through: To ensure effective governance and efficient. Transforming the delivery of public services, encouraging community participation through various forms of association. To create conditions that encourage private investment, local and / or alien under the endogenous development. Articulating with the levels of national government and state development strategies based on socio-economic potentials of the municipality. Promote legislative initiatives aimed at conserving natural resources and organizational forms of community participation to protect the environment. Mayor Alexis José Toledo Castro.


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Avenida Soublette,Palacio Municipal entre la Casa Guipuzcoana y la Plaza Vargas. Edificio Administrativo, Viaducto a Desvío, Edificio Centro Profesional San José, paralelo Hospital San José, Maiquetía - La Guaira - Vargas - Venezuela


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Phone (s): +58 (0212) 3316365 / Fax: (0212) 3323014


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