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Administradora Nawepa - Condom Management

Condominial offer comprehensive services for managing your development, building and / or assembly; respecting the rules established in the rules and condominium. We offer management of income (money) condominium (in bank account in the name of the board and / or Civil Partnership) in conjunction with the client thus avoiding the misuse of money from the condo. Preparation of bills (with original details) with detailed information (laser printer). Cancellation of utilities and used in common areas (water, electricity, gardener, monitoring and others). Legal Department (counseling and collections). Meeting regularly with members of the Civil Association to analyze and review the costs billed to the condominium .- (our office). Provision of list of defaulters. We have software that allows the sending of lists of condominiums receivable, billing statement and receipt of condominium directly to your email. Website for reporting complaints, suggestions, and viewing payments on its debt condominium in real time. We have twenty (22) years of robustness, reliability and experience. Any item not listed can be adjusted to our offer. Manage your condo with honesty, loyalty, integrity and commitment ... our experience and technology make us the trusted administrator.


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Final de la Avenida BolÝvar, Centro Comercial Los Samanes, nivel II, local N║ 17. - Charallave - Miranda - Venezuela


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Phone (s): +58 (239) 2481273 / (281) 2740927


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