Picnic Style Celebrations with a Venezuelan Twist

Picnic Style Celebrations with a Venezuelan Twist

Venezuelan entrepreneur Abril Jiménez is revolutionizing the outdoor party market in Spain with her unique and innovative touch. Her talent did not pass unnoticed by the prestigious Spanish magazine Vogue Business which was selected how the 10 most outstanding entrepreneurs of 2020.

Picnic-Style Celebrations with a Venezuelan Twist: Abril Jiménez’s Madrid Picnic

Since her arrival in Madrid, she managed to fuse the flavor of Venezuelan food with other elements such as cushions and sheets to create a unique experience in each of her picnic style celebrations.

But this is not the only skill she hides behind her medical gown. Jimenez’s passion for decorating and creating unforgettable events has made her business flourish and become a success in the Spanish capital.

She traveled to Spain in 2018 with a dream in mind: homologate her university degree and practice as a doctor in a European country. However, the path she chose to take turned out to be a surprise as she discovered a passion she had been unaware of up to that point.

Upon her arrival, she began working in a home care company, where she worked as a nursing assistant on the night shift.

Jiménez revealed that the hardest part at first was adapting to her new reality as the “chip” of being a doctor haunted her and did not allow her to move forward in her new job. For her, it was a drastic shock after having studied so much and having done a rural year in Venezuela to arrive in Spain and perform tasks such as feeding a patient.

From a picnic in El Retiro to one of the top 10 businesswomen in Spain

She began an entrepreneurial adventure in the world of catering and outdoor party decorations. With his ingenuity and creativity, she managed to create a business that, four years later generates a good income and allows him to live with peace of mind.

A picnic style celebration with her partner in Madrid’s El Retiro Park changed their plans and opened a new door to an uncertain future.

During the celebration several people asked if Jiménez worked for a company that organizes outdoor events. This interest in his work made him turn on a light in his head and investigate a little more about the legal side of starting his own business.

She decided to keep her job as a nurse’s aide for another six months until her outdoor catering and party decorating business was stable. Today her business is a success and has been recognized by Vogue Business magazine as one of Spain’s Top 10 Entrepreneurs in 2020.

Abril Jiménez is now a pioneer in outdoor party decoration in the Spanish capital with her company Madrid Picnic.

In addition, her second company Madrid Picnic Café-Bar, complements her services with a culinary offering of Venezuelan flavors, including emblematic products such as tequeños and empanadas.

Decorating for celebrities

Thanks to its innovative approach to outdoor party decorations, characterized by the presence of cushions and sheets, the company has managed to stand out in the Spanish market. Her unique style has attracted an impressive list of clients, including some of the most recognized artists on the cultural scene, such as Leonardo Padrón, Mimí Lazo, Ninoska Vásquez and Keka Martínez.

Most of her clients find her through Instagram, which has proven to be an effective channel to expand her brand and reach a wider audience. For her, working with celebrities is an exponential way for her to grow and for more people to get to know her work.

Medicine, a passion she never forgets

Despite missing the beaches of Tucacas, Jimenez is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Aesthetic and Regenerative Medicine at the Complutense University of Madrid.

With a solid academic background and extensive experience in the business world, the Venezuelan has big goals for the future. After returning to the medical profession, she plans to open a practice while preparing to open a new restaurant this February. With an entrepreneurial spirit and a focus on constant growth, Abril Jiménez is ready for the future.

This story shows how life sometimes surprises us and takes us down paths we never imagined, but which leads us to discover new passions and achieve unexpected goals.