Black Friday

Tracing Back to Black Friday 40 Years Ago in 1983

The economic instability in Venezuela traces back to Black Friday in 1983, when the bolivar suffered a significant devaluation against the dollar due to government policies. Economist José Guerra sheds light on the causes and impact of this historic event.


Complete Guide to ETIAS Requirements

Get ready to travel to Spain without worries! If you are planning a tourist trip or a stay of up to 90 days, you will need to comply with the new mandatory requirement: the ETIAS. In our complete guide HERE we explain in a simple way how to process it and how much it costs.

Sabolé in Alicante

Sabolé in Alicante – Spain

Discover the authentic taste of Venezuela in the heart of Alicante at Sabolé. This charming coffee is the brainchild of two passionate entrepreneurs who sought to introduce locals to the unique flavors of Venezuelan cuisine in a more authentic, artisanal manner.

Meet Nathalie Quintero

Meet Nathalie Quintero: The Venezuelan Aerospace Engineer

The next chapter in space exploration is set to take off in the first half of 2024 with the Artemis 2 mission and a Venezuelan aerospace engineer, Nathalie Quintero is playing a crucial role in its success.

Form I-134A

Form I-134A – Affidavit of Support

This article provides an overview of the requirements for filing Form I-134A, which is used by individuals who commit to provide financial support to a beneficiary applying for humanitarian leave via the Union for Ukraine or the Cuban, Haitian, Nicaraguan and Venezuelan Processes.

Sitoonce Captivates Ibiza Audience

Sitoonce Captivates Ibiza Audience

Sitoonce wowed a huge crowd on the world-famous island of Ibiza in his debut performance on Spanish soil. The talented Venezuelan singer alongside some of the most outstanding urban artists of the moment wowed the crowd with an electrifying show at the prestigious BRUTAL music festival.