Venezuelan Passport

Venezuelan Passport Requirements and Destinations

Discover the power of the Venezuelan passport! Ranked 11th in Latin America for mobility, it allows visa-free access to 129 countries. Holders can explore Europe, Middle East, Asia, Africa, and Oceania with ease. Obtaining or renewing a passport is easy with Saime, the entity responsible for issuing passports.

Fabiola Lairet

Fabiola Lairet: The first sushi chef certified in Spain

With a culinary empire spanning Barcelona and Madrid, Lairet’s passion and dedication to cooking have earned her recognition from the prestigious All Japan Sushi Association. Her journey from studying Civil Engineering in Venezuela to become a renowned sushi chef in Spain is inspirational.

Benjamín Rausseo

Benjamín Rausseo, the renowned Er Conde del Guácharo

With a career spanning four decades, Rausseo is known for his irreverent humor and fictional character, “Er Conde,” who addresses the country’s political reality. Despite health issues and previous unsuccessful attempts at presidency and governorship, Rausseo has emerged as a leading candidate in the opposition presidential primary.

Bululú Canarias

Bululú Canarias: Exquisite Venezuelan Gastronomy

Five years ago, Mónica Emmi, Lorenzo Labellarte, and Enrique Cachazo embarked on a culinary adventure, bringing Venezuelan cuisine to the heart of Gran Canaria. With their dedication and talent, they have created a resounding success, offering a unique perspective on Venezuelan flavors and aromas.

Honoring Linguistic Diversity

Honoring Linguistic Diversity

Celebrate International Mother Language Day in Venezuela on February 21 with a range of activities honoring native languages. Through oral expression, writing, listening, singing, and observation, Venezuelans highlight the linguistic richness of their country’s cultural heritage.

Marko: A Venezuelan Influencer

Marko: A Venezuelan Influencer

Marko Música: The Venezuelan Influencer in Constant Reinvention with Millions of Followers. Discover Marco Pérez’s artistic journey from TV to social media, his challenges, and his rise to online stardom. With his unique humor and creativity, Marko has captivated a loyal audience on various digital platforms, becoming a reference in the world of viral comedy.