Newest developments in solar energy

Newest developments in solar energy
By 2023, the country could be powered by solar energy, providing a much-needed boost to its economy and people. It's a bright future for Venezuela!

Recently, the CES 2023 fair was held in Las Vegas, where major international technology companies held an important exhibition of global trends for this year.

What are the newest developments in solar energy in Venezuela?

One of them and one that Venezuela is greatly affected by in terms of electricity, is photovoltaic solar energy solutions, which could come to the country in 2023 as an alternative to mitigate electrical failures.

In light of this, the electrical engineer and authorized distributor of the company specializing in portable and sustainable solutions, Ecoflow, César Cardinale, reported that this year Venezuelans will be able to enjoy a portable power station, designed to provide highly practical power to comfort family life in the face of the lack of electricity supply.

DELTA 2 Energy Systems

Cardinale explained that this is DELTA 2, equipment that:

“Provides great expandable capacity (1-3kWh) for a longer running time so that Venezuelans can have emergency energy for power outages and power 90% of the appliances in their homes”. Additionally, this new portable power plant that we will bring to the country this year and which has a safe and durable battery for daily use, provides greater access to electricity through the use of the sun, solar panels and a portable energy station capable of storing clean and free solar energy,” said Cardinale.

RIVER 2 portable battery pack

He added that this year the River 2 portable battery will also arrive in the country, which “can be charged from 0 to 80% in 48 minutes and 100% in 60 minutes, which makes it the fastest on the market. This charging speed will allow Venezuelans to be always prepared for a power outage.

The RIVER 2 series is up to 34% more economical than its predecessors, being an investment that is made every 10 years, since these batteries, being at 80% of their original capacity after 3,000 cycles using them daily, can last the user that amount of time.

Ecoflow in Venezuela

This was pointed out by the authorized distributor of Ecoflow in Venezuela. Cardinale noted that there are solutions that fit any budget, ranging from $400 with a power backup for any use at home or professionally, allowing you to connect electrical tools.

We can have basic backup energy during sudden power outages for essential devices, including CPAPs, phones, Wi-Fi and laptops, among others, which keeps users safe and connected at all times.

Cardinale indicated that “EcoFlow has its main offices in the city of Caracas and we already have sub-distributors in Nueva Esparta, Puerto Ordaz, Valencia. Soon we will have a presence in the states of Mérida, Zulia, Lara and Aragua and by the second semester of 2023 we will have a presence in all the states of the country through our network of distributors and service integrators”.